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How to handle my 3D project with Java?

May 24 2012 | 3:49 pm

Hi there,

Here is a very basic patch aggregating some first objects I need to design my 3D world (related to the 40000th thread of this forum :)

I’d like to be able to handle my stuff like that:
– a global core java handling the stuff (hiding or not object, making them move, storing array of objects)
– multiple other java classes, one per object.

By the term "object", I mean an entity displayable in my 3D world.
Basically, because I’d be comfortable like that, I’d like to have one class describing one object for each object.
The Core class instantiated by an mxj would take care of instantiate all objects, put them in array, making them available by my whole system.

So, questions time.

1/ does my little model described before make sense ?
2/ which part would you make using Java & which part with max/jitter objects?

Any leads would be very useful for me :)


  1. ThePatchIWantToJavaize.PNG


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