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How to inherit args in nested bpatchers

May 31 2012 | 6:27 pm

I found a solution to something just as I was about to post asking for help. I’m hoping that this helps someone else. How do you get a nested bpatcher to inherit the arg of its immediate parent for the purposes of getting pattr system to recognize a nested object with a varname like #1rota_zoom? Here’s the hierarchy in question:

– level 1 master patcher
– level 2 bpatcher instance 1 with arg 1
– level 3 bpatcher with object #1rota_zoom (needs to become 1rota_zoom)
– level 2 bpatcher instance 2 with arg 2
– level 3 bpatcher with object #1rota_zoom (needs to become 2rota_zoom)

The solution is easier than it might first appear: For the level 3 bpatcher, use the inspector to make #1 the arg to the level 3 bpatcher.

Hope this helps!


Jun 01 2012 | 7:07 am

So, using the Inspector for a level 3 bpatcher, set its Argument(s) to "#1"?
That’s pretty nifty actually, thanks for sharing!

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