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How to run through all the RGB colour values?

Oct 29 2012 | 7:03 pm

The question says it all!

i want to be able to get some way of running through them all individually?

heres my patch so far, its isn’t correct as it only get 1/4 of the possible values.

any help much appreciated.


-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

Oct 29 2012 | 7:50 pm

Maybe you need to set the carry count flags on your counters to bang.

Oct 29 2012 | 8:30 pm

your patch looks too complicated…
this is how I would implement it… (sorry if I am not being helpful)

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

Oct 30 2012 | 6:43 am


Thanks for your help Ahmet, your patch seems to have done the trick.

(Your right mine was a little complicated!)



Oct 30 2012 | 8:51 am

@ahmet if you get chance would you mind annotating your patch, just so i can understand it a little.


Oct 30 2012 | 9:45 am

I don’t have Max installed on this computer, but I can just explain it.

It is actually pretty straight forward.

each uzi represents a single color plane of RGB.
uzi-B spits out values from 0 to 255.
each value of uzi-B triggers uzi-G to spit out values from 0 to 255.
and in turn each value of uzi-G triggers uzi-R to spit out values from 0 to 255.

values from uzi-B and uzi-G is collected in a [pack 0 0 0] as the second and third inlet argument.
values from uzi-R triggers the [pack] as it is the first inlet argument.

in the end you get a RGB list for every possible values…

I hope this helps (I can post an annotated patch later today).

Oct 30 2012 | 7:04 pm

Here is the patch with annotations. I also added a small proof of concept patch to help you better understand it.

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

Oct 30 2012 | 11:19 pm

you could also put the patch in debug mode and step through to better understand the process; control loops in max are always tricky to implement and get your head around (due to the unsuitability of data-flow model)

Nov 06 2012 | 7:48 pm

Thanks for the help everyone (sorry for the late reply)

I’m going to have a tinker with my patch see if i can get the result I’m after now that you guys have solved that little issue.

(might be back for more help later :p )

Kind Regards,


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