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Importing the audio of a Quicktime Movie into a buffer~

Jul 11 2009 | 1:01 am

I currently have the latest version of Max 5.0.7

I am having a problem with importing a quicktime movies audio into a buffer~ object. I can load an .aiff or a .wav into a buffer, after I have loaded and .aiff or .wav into the buffer I can then import a .mov audio with no problems. I am wondering if there is a way to import a .mov file with audio into the buffer~ without having to load an .aiff or .wav first. Is this a bug or a limitation of MAX?

Jul 11 2009 | 3:29 am

hey, im not sure of how to load the audio from a quicktime movie into the buffer~ object. I’ve been looking into the spigot~ object that splits the audio from a to be processed in MSP.

Probably not as flexible as reading from a buffer but has allowed me to do most of the things I wanted.

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