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inspector and the pattr family in Max 5 – a suggestion

May 03 2008 | 11:52 am

The introduction of the pattr family of objects was a giant step forward in
managing the state of objects in Max. It was certainly no trivial task to
set up a preset management system before its introduction (thanks Jeremy).
I have a suggestion for its integration with the inspector object.

There is already the built in ‘freeze’ option for attributes exposed in an
object which is useful for recalling a single recall state (perhaps a
‘recall frozen state’ button could be included alongside the freeze
button?). My suggestion is some sort of extension of this concept. The
inspector could have an option to expose an object’s particular attribute to
a pattsrtorage object in a patch, something like an autopattr which
collates selected objects and binds them to a specific pattrstorage. The
pattr path could be included in the inspector or even a link made to a
selected object in a patch so that a broken path could be edited (e.g. if
an object is placed in a different sub patcher) or removed from the binding

The aim of this would be to facilitate the storage and recall of presets
using the pattrstorage object without having to set up individual pattr
controls for each attribute that one wants to expose. It would be useful
for any attribute’s value that is not changed through interaction via the
interface but does have some change associated with it.

Furthermore, once some object’s attribute is ‘bound’ to a pattrstorage,
communication with it would then become possible via the pattrstorage object
itself further adding to the concept of separating presentation from the
mechanics of a patch.


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