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interactive text adventure

May 07 2013 | 7:51 am

hello dear forum,
i have got a question concerning the possibilites of working interactive with text in Max. what i want to do is making a kind of textadventure but in shape of an art installation, where you can control light and sound with the manual input of text (by the audience).
There shall be a user interface as in normal text adventures but with e.g. a chronic where you can see what every single person playing it, has written, or popping up some pictures at a beamer projection when tapping on certain words.

I know there are several programms for making text adventures but they´re to restriced for that use or in the other case to complicated, cause i can´t write in C or other programming language.
is there a possibility of embedding a written textadventure in a patch? or does anybody know a basic patch i could adopt to my concerns?

Thanks a lot,

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