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introducing mixcloud

Mar 27 2009 | 12:15 pm


I’m Georgia from, a new website that’s just gone into beta, that helps DJs distribute and promote their mixes and radio shows more effectively, whilst helping fans easily discover relevant DJs and content. We would like the max/msp users to be involved as well and upload their mixes and make well known all the great possibilities that you have by using max/msp.

We were getting frustrated with the ubiquitous "MegaRapidFileUpload" file sharing services that are currently used by DJs and so we decided to do something about it.

Feel free to have a look around the site, it’s already filling up with mixes and shows from a whole host of DJs and artists, everyone from Tiefshwarz to Atomic Hooligan, Dixon to Jesse Rose.

We’ve set up a special invite code for users of this forum, so if you want to hear their content and share your own, just click on ‘sign up’ in the top right hand corner and use invite code: cycling74.

We hope you enjoy the site.

Mixcloud crew

Mar 28 2009 | 9:33 pm

Just wondering, any relationship to ?
You seem to have almost the same page-design everywhere and also a strangely similar logo(i also notice that soundcloud arrived, first). If so, what’s the relation(can i link accounts?) and if not, what’s better about mixcloud than soundcloud?

(soundcloud is pretty sweet as it is particularly because it makes its API available which leads to cool side-sites like ; i don’t see an API available for …for the level of intelligence and diversity of the Max/MSP community, in particular, this would make your site much more attractive)

Apr 01 2009 | 1:03 pm

Hi RabidRaja, thanks for the reply.

No relationship to soundcloud – just coincidence with name. And not a massive one with rise in cloud computing trends. I’m sure you can understand!

Personally I’d disagree with similarity of page designs and logo. We may have a similar design philosophy, but a very different aesthetic, user experience and user interface. A lot of what we’re both doing is ultimately influenced by higher forces – e.g. the shift towards feed systems and uni-directional social systems.

The concepts are also quite different. We have more of a listener/fan focus – enabling people to filter content to get to what they want to listen to more easily.

No linking of accounts yet, but who knows!

We don’t have a publicly available API yet but this is def on the roadmap.


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