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invisible sliders in certain vst plugs

Sep 30 2006 | 5:23 pm

OS X 10.4.7
G4 PB 1.67GHz
Max/MSP 4.6.2
Jitter 1.6.2
Pluggo 3.6.0

I am experiencing a problem with ‘invisible sliders’ on certain VST
plugs such as the mda bundle — but not exclusive to these plugs…
it seems that any plugs with this sort of ‘list UI’ have the same
problem — another example are the ‘Crazy Ivan’ plugs:

– load a VST plug — for example: the ‘mda AutoPan’ plug — into a
VST~ external
– open the UI display by sending an ‘open’ message to the VST~ external
– the UI panel opens but none of the sliders are visible
– but I am able to click in the blank space where the slider should
be and change the parameter value with the ‘ghost’ slider


also, a problem with a GRM VST plug:

– when using the GRM plug ‘GRM FreqWarp Stereo VST’ and I try to
change the bands parameter to 128 it opens the Max app splash screen
– scale, interpolation, quality, freq in, freq out are not able to be
change — although the pull down menu with the other param values do

I am wondering if anyone else has experienced these same problems?

thanks in advance!

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