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Is it possible to chromakey by using movement detection?

Jul 27 2010 | 9:09 pm

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask for help… I want to know if this is even possible..

the setup-> 1 camera capturing(or recording as .jxs) a hallway feeding the capture to a patch-

What I want to achieve- > I want to have 1 or various images of for example "an ocean" and I want to place the people that are walking on the hallway in the ocean (as if instead of the hallway they are walking on the ocean).

in other words … Chromakey out the hallway. but since the hallway is not a greenscreen and there are many colors and columns
here is my question…..

My main question-> is there a way to achieve chromakeying by using a camera vision library>? like cv.jit. or by using absdifference and layers? it makes some sense that it could be possible..
basically I want to chromakey out movement; since the people are walking ( but I don’t want them to be shadows but rather their real camera image. )

what do think>?
thanks for the help

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