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Is this obsolete Glitch code?

Nov 09 2010 | 5:37 am

hey everyone, I’m another one of those Radiohead fanboys that was turned on to Max/MSP from the ‘legendary’ vid of Jonny going crazy during his Go To Sleep solo ( I’ve been trying to find a kind of glitch code for that and stumbled upon this…however it doesn’t work. I have found that this patch is not written in the same format as other ones ive found. i was wondering, could anyone tell me what is wrong with it? it’s attached in a document. I have Max in Realtime btw and would just like to utilize this kind of patch for live guitar solos, etc. etc. I was wondering if this was obsolete code or there are some fundamental flaws im missing? And how the fixed code looks exactly..

im sure you guys are annoyed by us programming n00bs. but if u could all really help me, id really really appreciate it. sorry if my english is bad its not my first language (or even second haha)

  1. max_v2.doc
Nov 09 2010 | 8:33 am

these are 2 max text patches in one text file, that wont open in maxmsp unless you
make 2 textfiles out of them.

the line

#P pop;

always closes a max text file, that is where oyu have to split it.


Nov 10 2010 | 9:50 pm

Ah I see. However it still doesn’t work. It says I’m missing paranthesis and stuff. damn! hahaha

Nov 10 2010 | 11:04 pm

Hi, Yes, still works and very interesting and cool patch ! :

just move away "— fridgebuzz_off" in the last line , and open from Clipboard


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