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Isotonik 6 – Now Available….

Aug 15 2010 | 12:40 pm

Just done tests and i can now control 16 tracks of playing audio!

Removed all the extra live.api objects that i didnt need, replaced all the live.buttons with textbuttons….

Oh my god what a difference….


  1. Screen_shot_2010-08-15_at_13.04.34.png


Aug 19 2010 | 7:30 pm

And now the full walkthrough video is on line!


Sep 23 2010 | 10:56 am

Hi All,

Just to let you know i’m going to be away for a week leaving in an hour or so, as the dropbox invitation process is a manual affair there may be some delay in sending new members the invites. I know i get a batch every month around payday so wanted to apologise in advance… I’m taking my laptop with me so if i can get online there won’t be a problem…


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