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jasch_objects 0.4.1 and Max 5 compatibility

Apr 24 2008 | 5:30 pm

hello list,

i went through my collection of objects and found only two externals
(out of 109) that aren’t working in Max 5 and will need to be fixed:

– mtx:
mutual exclusive switching across the entire max-domain: this
external traverses all patchers and looks at each object’s class,
then sends the ones that are a mtx a typedmess.

– posit:
also runs through the patcher hierarchy and reports various fields of
an object, such as class,
scripting name, position etc. this has always been working on the
edge of undocumented
territory and might not make it across to the new API.

some objects have been superseded (read: copied) such as streamlist,
which now has a zl cousin called (sic!) zl stream, changelist (you
guessed it!) is zl change, sumlist gets zl sum, duplist gets zl thin.

the all time favorite "_" (underscore) is still there, is a little bit
less useful with the advent of the right inlet to the message box and
is much less elegant to look at in the shiny new environment.

i still advise everyone to update to the latest build 0.4.1 since
there have been a number of bugfixes and slight improvements since
last year’s release.

that’s all i have to report about the jasch_objects, which are
available as usual from here:



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