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Javascript documentation: The Global Object is missing!

May 26 2010 | 8:14 am


I was wondering if someone has noticed that both the ‘Universally Available Methods’ chapter as ‘the Global Object’ refer to the same url:

I’ve already mailed this to support@cycling, but since I need the helpfile asap.. anyone know of the correct url so I can just copy/paste it into my browser address bar?

May 26 2010 | 8:16 am

Found it ;) (just searched in my install folder for the offline documentation file)

The Global Object (Javascript documentation):

May 26 2010 | 5:09 pm

Oh and the offline help files (‘shipped’ with Maxmsp) have the same bug: if you click on The Global Object it shows the Universally Available Methods-documentation.

Thought I’d put it out there ;)

May 26 2010 | 7:40 pm

Make sure that you have Max 5.1.4. The web documentation will be updated soon.

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