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javascript overhead with jitter

Aug 03 2008 | 12:24 am

I am making a basic networked video player and stuffing 90% of the code into javascript, since a lot of it is string parsing and keeping track of states. It seems that playing back a movie from a matrix array in javascript introduces about a 20% cpu overhead than if I were playing it back from a object in a patch. Nothing complicated going on, just playback. Here is the basic bang function (it’s essentially taken from the javascript examples):

function bang()
//todo: check for movie before processing bang
if (vcount) {
} else {
if (vcount)

Do I suck it up and deal? Would another language handle it better? Find a way to move the matrix array back into the main patch?

I’m authoring on a 1st gen macbook pro. This is eventually playing back on a 2Ghz mac mini with 2 GB RAM.



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