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javascript sqlite problem

Nov 14 2012 | 1:41 am

I’ve got a problem with using js and sqlite at the moment. when I run exec() functions in a loop it completely crashes max. I have some js where im iterating through an array and writing values into a db, i know my sql statement isnt wrong as it works when its not in a loop, but when i put it inside the loops braces it crashes max. I can see from the database that it writes the first value before it crashes, im just not sure what the problem could be. Has anyone else experienced this?

Nov 14 2012 | 1:50 am

for example this works and will put in the last array but if you put the insert_entry call inside the brace above it max crashes

//get the information of an entry formatted for the inspector patch
function get_entry(fields, table, datafield, data){
var call = [];
//do the sqlite query
if (datafield == null) {
exec("SELECT "+fields+" FROM "+table, AsctNLdbR);
} else{
exec("SELECT "+fields+" FROM "+table+" WHERE "+selector+" = '"+data+"'");
//make the numrecord and numfields so we can use them to iterate through
var numrecords = AsctNLdbR.numrecords();
var numfields = AsctNLdbR.numfields();
//iterate through our results

for(var a = 0; a
call = [];
for(var j=0; j
//get the value for this index
var value = AsctNLdbR.value(j, a);
//push the values into an array
post("'outputinloop', ['outlet','call','type','f_ref'], [2, "+call[0]+' '+call[1]+' '+call[2]+',lp,'+'get_entry n');
insert_entry('output',['outlet','call','type','f_ref'],[2, call[0]+' '+call[1]+' '+call[2],'lp','get_entry']);
post('GET_ENTRY FINAL output is:'+call+'n');

Nov 14 2012 | 2:03 am

I just worked out a fix for this but i’d be interested to know if anyone could shed some light on why this works and what kind of performance/memory implications it has.

you need to make a special version of exec for fast writing stuff where you dont care about the results it generates. For some reason if you make a new sqlite results item (with the same name) before doing the exec it no longer crashes


function exec2(arg)
// post('args are'+arg+'n');
// execute the SQL statement in arg, returning results in the 'result' object
var Atemp = new SQLResult;
AsctNLdb.exec(arg, Atemp);

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