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JavaScript utilities to address all objects without patchcords

Jul 18 2013 | 12:15 pm

//I mistakenly put this post into the ALL area,
// so I’m re-posting in the JS area.

I’m trying to use a JS object and a thispatcher object to control all the objects in a patch. All objects in the patch have a scripting name.

1. I’m looking for a JS utility script which can report back all the objects in a patcher and subpatchers. This is for the purpose of learning exactly how to address all objects from a JS object, without the use of any patchcords.

I found something called printobj, but I believe it’s incomplete.

2. I’m also looking for another utility JS example script which can show me how to output the data type that a selection of objects needs :

Matrixctrl, message, number, textedit, pattr, pattrstorage, preset, js, etc.

It is my belief that with these utilities, it is much easier to understand how to successfully use JS with Max.

Does no one use such things ? I have been making quite an exhaustive search, but come up with little info.

I’ve used things like :

var p = this.patcher;
//It is expected that the message object called flower would be changed
// from its current message of Fred to Wilma
p.getnamed(["flower"]).message("Wilma"); //"flower" being a message object

I’ve had trouble with various objects and data types, but I know there are experts among us. Could someone please share this invaluable information ?

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