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jit.cellblock refer coll mysteriously busted…

Feb 11 2008 | 8:58 pm


I am totally beating my brain up against a wall with this. I have a patch that i need to compile on an old version of max (4.5.3) – which I have running on an old G4 laptop. (long story)

I have two colls, which are referred to in two separate jit.cellblock objects. However when I hit ‘refer xxxx’ I get an error saying ‘xxxx is not a coll reference’. weird. On top of that, the jit.cellblock help file doesn’t work so its obviously an installation thing. anyone out there that can help, I will be forever indebted.

and add to that – on an intel machine running the latest max, all is fine. but i need to compile this patch for a G5, and I have CFM externals and so on so compiling it on the g4 laptop is preferable.

thanks in advance.

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