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jit.dx.videoout / interlacing question

Jan 20 2006 | 2:28 pm

hi, XP-users on this list.

did anybody yet have any succes with jit.dx.videoout ?
it connects with the camera ok, but the framerate i get when recording is about
2 fps. is this a known issue or am i doing something terribly wrong ?

still using quicktime 6.5.2 because QT7 sucks supreme, at least on my system

another question to the list:

what kind of films are you using for jitter ? field-encoded or progressive ?
i ask because i experienced a sort of "jumping frames" when a progressive
encoded movie has fast movements in it. it seems as if a frame, that is not
entirely rendered yet is already replaced by a part of the consecutive frame
(not sure if this description makes any sense to anybody). as you can guess i’m
an amateur with videos and only know so much about the theory. I’m using
progressive encoding to avoid interlacing artefacts, but maybe i’m doing
something wrong here. are there any settiings on the grafic-card i could tweak

thanks for any hint on that issue


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