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Sep 02 2011 | 2:44 am

Any fix/workaround for problem with scale? I tracked down a behavior. If I draw an object (e.g., set automatic=0, give it a name, and then reference that name using, then the following occurs.

Any @scale that I set on the object (e.g., is somehow used to scale the position matrix that I feed into for the object. I desire to increase the size of the object, but not scale its position.

This also appears in other cases like using multiple with The OBJ (may or may not) be scales like I want. I can always set normalize=1 on I do want to scale the model so it is an appropriate size in my openGL world. So on, I set @scale appropriately. Unfortunately, then applies this scale to the position matrix it received which is undesired.

Any ideas?

The only workaround (poor quality) I’ve found is to set matrixoutput on the object (e.g., jit.op on that to scale the first 3 planes (the vertices), then feed it back into Unfortunately, the lighting/shading is dramatically lower quality than if I directly draw with

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