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Mar 02 2009 | 11:11 am

i m developing an app were different openGL scenes can be selected for displaying. each have their own patch and their own rendering context. using shared contexts they all render to the same texture which is displayed on screen. switching scenes is simply done by turning on and off the metro’s banging the different scenes’ render objects.

the scenes are very different in scripting approach and visual result. some use @capture to render to the texture. others use with the to_texture message.

now when i activate a scene after a @capture scene max crashes hard.

anyone experienced something similar or have an explanation? sorry i can t post a patch right now. would have to severely strip my app first.

Mar 05 2009 | 4:37 am

unfortunately, you’re going to have to provide some kind of clear way to reproduce this issue for anyone to help.

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