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Feb 16 2011 | 7:00 pm

I am trying to use router to traffic gl data around but the gl objects seem to pass updates even when not receiving bangs… I think the below patch explains better.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? Why is the still sending to the when they arent connected? How is the videoplane binded to the slab when itself isnt being updated?

confused, r

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Feb 16 2011 | 7:04 pm

this kinda works but the shader gets screwed.

so confused….

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Feb 16 2011 | 8:26 pm

don’t ask me why, but it seems to work if you add @colormode uyvy to your videoplane…

Feb 16 2011 | 9:06 pm

gl objects will remember the last texture applied, until you tell them otherwise. so generally, you only need to bang a slab object once to make it send its texture to a gl object.
if you want to disconnect the gl object from the last texture you sent, you can set the @texture attribute to nothing, by sending the message texture with no arguments.
depending on the circumstances, you may have to set the color attribute to 0 0 0 0, if you want it to go black, and then back to 1 1 1 1 when a new texture gets sent.
in this case, might be easiest to just send an all black matrix as the new texture.

this patch should explain better:

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