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Mar 27 2007 | 9:35 pm

Hi list,

i’m having 2 problems with for which I couldn’t find any
solution so far…

– 1st problem:
I’m capturing the result of the render to a texture, to apply it on
another GL object,
somehow as shown in the patch "GLfeedBack" from Andrew’s jitter recipes.
The problem is that my window size is 3840×1024 (with the amazing
that is not a power of 2. So I get a rectangle on the right side of the
texture which
has no continuity when set on "repeat" mode.
I guess there should be a way to extend the capture texture to the next
power of 2,
or at least to interpolate the texture to a size interger of two (as
the GPU may not
be able to handle 4096 x 1024 texture size)

-2nd problem:
This one is really more esoteric and I couldn’t make a simple example
patch so far.
Some texture are "disappearing" when switching texture on a GL object
on nurbs, sketch, gridshape…)
The is still there but it seems the texture contained in
it is gone, and
the only way to get it back is to read it back from the file.
It happens apparently at random, but everytime, after a certain time of use.
Tried to reactivate the render, to switch from fullscreen to small window,
to remove fsaa, to send "visible 1" to the window… with no success.

These problem were observed using Max/MSP 1.6.2 and Jitter 1.6.2 on :
– powerbook pro PPC with ATI Mobility Radeon 9700
– powerbook pro intel with ATI Radeon X1600.
– windows XP with NVIDIA 7900 GT

Any idea on these issues?

Thanks for any hint…


Mar 30 2007 | 7:47 am

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