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jit.graph~ feature request

Oct 08 2006 | 7:25 am


Can jit.graph~ have an alpha channel for the background color, or
take the alpha of whats being drawn and add it to the plane 0 output?
Im not certain what makes sense, but seeing as has an
alpha default to all 255, mixing with jit.graph and via
GL when you want blend_enable 1 requires some expensive packing/
unpacking of planes, when it would be super sexy to have graph just
generate them.

I hope Im making sense.

currently, jit.graph : no alpha at all – ever. no matter if you set
brgb or clearit 1 or 0. If brgb could be ARGB, or alternatively graph
would draw the alpha based on the incoming signal. Maybe an alphamode
(0, background, 1, incoming signal mask?)

Thanks for possibly putting it on the long list of feature requests ;)

P.S. ive been getting lots of crashes with graph/catch~, but I cant
seem to narrow it down. Anyone else?

v a d e //

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