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jit.matrix data retrieval

Feb 21 2012 | 2:50 pm

Hello everyone,

I’m quite new to Max. SO my question might be of the obvious kind, but I couldn’t find any clue in the forum nor in the Max Help.

Here’s the thing : I’m trying to build an automation system. To do so, I’m filling a jit.matrix with datas coming from differents sliders and knob : one row by parameter, and moving to the next column every given amount of time.

So far so good, my matrix is filling up correctly. Now I’d like to be able to playback the content, and route every row back to the parameter that fed it. And this is were I’m stuck : I can’t manage to split the matrix content into one stream per row.

Any idea, any clue, would be very much appreciated. Thank you !

Feb 21 2012 | 2:53 pm

Hmm, I forgot one thing : I need those streams simultaneously.

Thanks again

Feb 21 2012 | 2:55 pm

jit.spill? or jit.peek~ if it’s audio rate controls.

Feb 21 2012 | 3:00 pm

My, I even looked into that, without realizing it was the answer. Thank you very much dtr, you just made my day :)

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