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jit-ogre – does it work in Max6?

Jul 01 2012 | 10:28 pm

Hi All,

I downloaded the jit-ogre latest .dmg, and installed per the video instructions.

The help file loads up and appears okay, but I don’t see any zombie, and I have no idea if it’s a path thing, or just the the external doesn’t work with Max6 – There’s so little documentation – I think I’m getting an error "error retrieving drawable"

Maybe it just can’t find the zombie?

If it’s a path thing – what is the proper way to add folders to Max’s search path? – I never quite got how that’s done.
I know you can add a folder to the path using the filepath object for a given patch but, how specifically do you add it to the searchpath for Max in general?



Jul 03 2012 | 5:19 pm

it does not. use

Sep 25 2012 | 8:23 am

okej. doesnt work with max6!

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