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jit.pwindow/jit.asyncread broke. odd behavior ++ complete system failure

Nov 20 2010 | 8:39 pm

I have a patch here that is a part of a large system of jit patches. when using a jit.pwindow to read OpenGL textures from jit.syphonclient jit.asyncread displays the context in odd dimensions and has screen cap type behavior? when scrolling in the patcher asyncread follows the movements of scrolling in the window. shortly there after there are some serious glitches, screen flashes white and black with crazy bars of madness and the system freezes. only way to get out is a hard reboot.
Notes on the patch:
-Patch opens with floating windows, to get out of floating windows so you can view the patcher press ctrl+e twice
-you must have syphon installed to use this patcher.
-there are two dependencies for this patcher which i have included (jit.fadetoblack must go in the jitter externals folder and video effects ch1&2dev.maxpat must be in the same folder/file path as the problem patcher

to reproduce open the video player patch and open simple server (a test app for syphon.) Turn on the video player, Aux Vid(CH2) and Syphon toggles. Click getavailableservers and getdim.
you should then see the syphon feed in the preview CH2 window. you cannot display in the main window without the other patches but this should not be important.
Open the patcher in patching mode and replace the jit.window syphon with a jit.pwindow and rename the window to syphon. (these objects are on the very bottom right section of the patcher in the area labeled Syphon Control.
Please let me know if you are able to reproduce these issues, thanks!

MacOSX 10.6.4
2.4 GHz Intel C2Duo
2 Gb RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 9400m/9600 GT
MAX version 5.1.6

Nov 21 2010 | 6:03 pm

NOTE: I have reproduced this glitch twice and now my file has been corrupted. I get the following errors when trying to open the patch.

error parsing patcher file Video Player vb.023.maxpat

value expected in array, possible extra comma or missing ‘]’: line=91, char=2, text=’…patching_rect" : [ 537.0, 731.0, 60.0, 20.0 ] } } , ,’

Nov 23 2010 | 2:59 am

Anyone else able to reproduce this?

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