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jit.qt.grab problem

Oct 29 2009 | 9:52 pm

I’m trying to use the built in video camera on my MacBook Pro in Max5. I’m using the patches from this tutorial:

Anyway, I click the "open" message to jit.qt.grab and then turn on the [qmetro] and all is well for about 30 seconds. Then the internal video camera stops working and will not work again (in Max or any other program) until I restart the machine.

If I try to use the "open" message again, I get the error messages:
could not create video channel -9404
error opening device for grab

I have searched the forum but did not find a solution.

Any help would be appreciated,

Oct 29 2009 | 10:51 pm

Forgot to give my computer stats.

MacBook Pro
OS 10.5.8
Quicktime 7.6.4
Max 5.0.8 (40079)

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