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Oct 07 2006 | 10:03 pm

I’m having problems with that I did not have about a week ago.
I think this correlates with an update to OSX 10.4.8 / QT 7.1.3 on a 15"
1.67 Powerbook, but I can be certain.

In a very simple patch with only, some transport controls & a
jit.window, I will get smooth playback for 5 to 10 seconds followed by a
sustained CPU spike and stalled playback. Sending a stop and start clears
the problem for the next 5 to 10 seconds, than it returns. The time before
failure is dependant on the media size & encoding & is not affected by the
metro rate, in fact, I get the CPU spike even if I’m not banging

This is happening with files that played flawlessly before, mostly MPEG1 &
h.264 . I am also no longer getting audio from

Any suggestions?

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