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Jit.uldl or not

Feb 17 2010 | 2:26 am

I am trying to download Facebook Profile Photographs.
(for art, not to be creepy)
I am attempting to download every one.

THe only way I can think of doing so is by using Jit.Uldl and downloading each page source as a matrix into Jit Textfile.

I then cut out the profile_id URL part and run the Image URL back into Jit.ULDL to download the image.

Not too difficult once you figure out the bugs.

my problem is with Facebook.

When I use a Jweb, I can go onto facebook pages. and see the entire page. (no matrix output)

When I use Jit.Uldl it doesn’t give me that, instead I get the source of the facebook Login page.

This is similar to when I sign out of facebook in safari. (because you cannot see profile pictures if not logged in)

It seems that the cookies of Jweb are the same as safari’s
Crome has no effect on Jweb and Jit.Uldl is completely immune to cookies.

any one have any ideas of how to get the source of every page?

May 03 2012 | 3:40 am

Just curious (2 years after…), did you found a solution to your problem?

best regards,


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