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jit.uldl & php

Mar 15 2006 | 3:43 am

hello there,

i’m having trouble returning php queries using jit.uldl. instead of
getting the expected results, the server is returning a generic

http request (try in any browser): ame=dond

max request:

max v2;
#N vpatcher 10 59 610 459;
#P window setfont "Sans Serif" 9.;
#P window linecount 2;
#P message 106 143 228 196617 download ame=dond
#P window linecount 1;
#P message 81 254 35 196617 erase;
#P newex 58 276 58 196617 jit.textfile;
#P newex 152 241 32 196617 print;
#P newex 87 209 86 196617 jit.uldl;
#P connect 3 0 2 0;
#P connect 0 0 2 0;
#P connect 4 0 0 0;
#P connect 0 1 1 0;
#P pop;

any clues as to what might be causing the difference?
just in case, i’m running this on 10.3.9, max 4.5.5, jitter 1.5.2



Mar 15 2006 | 7:51 am

I’m getting a "page not found" when I go there in my web browser,
although Max is returning some sort of main page. I don’t know what’s
causing the discrepancy, but it would be helpful to have a link which
returned a real page before trying to pursue this further.


Mar 15 2006 | 1:59 pm

Hmm, well, I can’t explain why the page has disappeared (it seems to
have happened with the other pages as well). Perhaps it’s a permissions
error. I’ll go back and check.



Mar 16 2006 | 3:55 pm

well jeremy, it turns out that the page had a hidden session variable,
which was sending us back to the index every time a query was made from
jitter. it’s working now. sorry for the bother.


Feb 17 2010 | 4:02 am

Jeremy, Please explain what a hidden session varable is

I would like to dowload Facebook page Source but you need to login and Jit.ULDL doesn’t let me do that.

Jweb does!

facebook uses PHP aswell.

do you know how to do this?

Feb 17 2010 | 11:27 pm

I highly doubt that you’ll be able to make it work through jit.uldl. The authentication is not a standardize login/pwd as you would do it in ftp for instance, plus you’ll probably want to access to stuff through queries and not direct html pages. I don’t think there’s a way of doing that without writing some code to talk directly to FB. You might want to have a look to FB’s developer website which cover how to do such kind of app. Good luck ;-)

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