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[jit.window] – fullscreen without scaling up?

Oct 20 2011 | 12:52 am

Is there a way to have a [jit.window] take over the screen without scaling to fill the screen. In Processing when you go into present mode, it lays a solid gray over the whole screen and then draws your sketch’s graphics at whatever size they are, centered in the screen. (See the attached screen capture of a simple Processing sketch shown in Present Mode.) Is there something similar in Jitter, so the jit.window isn’t scaled, but is shown on a solid background?

I could place the contents of it into a larger matrix when it goes fullscreen, but then when operations are performed on the matrix, I have to go to the hassle of only performing the operations on part of the screen or masking or something like that (or else the operations will affect the stuff around my image area and the processing will slow things down)


  1. Screenshot20111018at9.48.36PM.png


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