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Jitter applications built running Vista vs. XP

Mar 04 2008 | 1:32 pm

Hi folks,

I’m planning on buying a copy of the cheapo-home edition of either Windows Vista or XP for a new iMac (OS10.5.x) for the sole purpose of using it to build PC applications of some MaxMSP+Jitter patches. Does anyone have any experience and/or advise on weather a Jitter application built running Vista will work well on XP or one built running on XP will run well on Vista? I haven’t been using Windows for a couple years now (nor missed it).

Thanks for any advice,


Mar 04 2008 | 5:24 pm

Mar 06 2008 | 6:47 pm

I’ve had problems getting my large patches and standalones running on Vista that work fine on XP, and haven’t had the time to really find out why. So, I wish I could be more specific, but, it in summary, if you have complexity, you’re going to spend some time…
OEM Vista is available at


Mar 15 2008 | 2:50 am

Thanks pnyboer,

That’s specific enough to save me many hours on the attempt. Perhaps I’ll stick with the OXS/XP versions for now.


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