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Jitter for Max 5 Auth / Purchase

Mar 21 2012 | 3:25 pm

I am a user running on Mac OS 10.7. I have been using max/MSP since v4.5
and I’m now running 5.1.9 and have only recently needed access to the
jitter family of objects. I am having a very hard time figuring out how to
access Jitter. When I try to use any jitter object I receive the messages:
"Jitter demo period has expired," "Jitter is not authorized," and "could
not allocate object."

I’ve read the documentation on authorization and I’ve even re-installed max
5, but I still can’t access Jitter. I’m also trying to find in your virtual
shop where I can buy Jitter for Max5, but it says that Jitter comes with
Max 5. So, this makes me suspect that I need to purchase Jitter for my
older Max license. HOWEVER, in trying to download Jitter 1.6, Jitter won’t
load because "max version 4.6 or later is required," which is odd because
I’m running 5.1.9.

I am now trying a challenge / response form of authorization, but I’m not
sure how much this will help since I’ve never owned Jitter and only
upgraded to max 5 years ago without Jitter. I can’t figure out how to purchase Jitter through the online shop. Please help.

Mar 21 2012 | 7:46 pm

I might just contact C74 directly – – I got Jitter bundled with Max5 but maybe I got to Max 5 when it was already included – not sure.

Mar 21 2012 | 10:55 pm

I think the confusion might be related to this:

Jitter’s software comes bundled with the Max 5 installer
Jitter’s license does not necessarily.

Since Max 6 was released, both the software and the license come bundled.

I don’t know if in order to get Jitter working, you’ll have to upgrade to Max 6… you should contact Cycling’74 directly for that…

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