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Jitter not good on elder computers ?

Dec 26 2009 | 12:24 am

My question is very basic and has probably been discussed many times

Why is Jitter so slow, so unable to do simple things, on (relatively) old computers ?

-> I’m working on an installation where i need to sync many videos at the same time. Each video will have its own computer. They’re all synced with OSC.
-> The ONLY thing i need max to do is : play the movie, start at the right time, end at the right time.

I have several old computers, which are not powerful (pentium 4 3ghz, pentium 4 1,6 Ghz, ibook G4 …)

Playing a plain video isn’t even possible without dropping.

So i am going to use different (and more complicated) process : launch VLC with the ‘system’ object in pd, on linux. Very interesting, but also time-eating …

I’m just wondering why Jitter is so inoperative (and known to be) …
Even with a "imovie" object, doing the most simple tasks is just not possible. Works well on my latest macbook, right, but how did people do a few years ago ? Was Max 4 & jitter much lighter ?

Dec 26 2009 | 1:05 am

You’ve stated nothing about the resolution or codec of your movie files, nor posted an example patch, so it’s unclear what you’re experiencing. PhotoJPEG or AppleProRes 422 typically yield good performance with good visual results.

For simple playback you should look at’s direct to window mode. For other optimizations check out UYVY color mode and all of vade’s tips here:


Dec 27 2009 | 4:47 pm

Thanks Joshua ! I’ll test these different tips before moaning again …

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