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Jitter Patches For Music Videos

Jul 06 2010 | 6:05 pm


I have very little idea about jitter I messed around a little but nowhere near enough to be useful. I would like to generate videos based on my music. Essentially video output based on an audio input is what I am after. I wonder could some people point me towards patches, examples, programs that might help me with this. I have looked through the jitter patches and I found a few but I could have easily missed others. I do not really want to learn how to program jitter right now I just want to make simple enough videos from tools that already exist. If anybody could point me in a few right directions I would be thankful.



Jul 07 2010 | 11:32 am

Hello Grizzle:
I don’t want to sound rude, but why would you use Jitter if you are not interested in learning it?. As you mentioned before there are several examples floating here on the forum, maybe if you search a little longer you will find the correct patch for you ;-)
I think that jitter is pretty friendly with new users, maybe is just matter of studying some of the tutorials and modify some of the examples. Otherwise there are different VJ applications that you can use.
If you get stuck with something IN SPECIFIC, post it here as there are tons of nice people willing to help you.

good luck and nice patching!


Jul 08 2010 | 2:30 pm

Hi Emmanuel,

Yes I understand the problem with my post but I was hoping people might be helpful and give me links to a few interesting patches that generate video from audio input.

I want to use Jitter simply because I paid for it and I know it can do some great things. I primarily use Max and even less MSP. I can do some very small things in Jitter like a/v drum machines, basic video mixing, motion sensing, but I find it difficult to generate video from audio itself. 3D sound pool is great but only seems to let me load in short samples and you have to mess with the audio to change the video, osctrack requires video to be there already, wolframatic is great but very complicated/difficult to understand and generates audio from video rather than video from audio, some of the Jitter examples do not seem to work for me (eg Asteroid Growth ( context SetPiXelFormat failed -87)), Maxtunes 2 is good but a little generic and I am not sure what to do to make it better. I honestly have looked but I may have missed it or I have been looking in the wrong place.

Jul 08 2010 | 2:52 pm

Hello Grizzle:
Just google ‘sharing’ or ‘share’ on the forum and you will get tons of patches that people have posted on the forums for others to play and learn. Find the ones that fit your taste!

Mar 11 2013 | 6:52 pm

Can I get an answer for this question? I need to do the exactly what the original poster was getting on about, generating video from live audio input. A simple yes or no without the typical noobs-be-damned attitude would be very helpful.

Mar 11 2013 | 7:06 pm


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