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Dec 09 2008 | 1:50 pm

Hello all in the Jitter world,

Just one question to fill my mind with answers.

I am now starting to dele a bit deeper into Jitter, after many weeks of developing some software in Max/MSP.
I am working on the cool tutorial about shaders by Mr Benson. Still am working through the Jitter tutorials, but did want a nice shader as well.

My queston is on Screensavers. I am in the mood for developing a nice Max/MSP/Jitter screensaver for my own personal gain. I am on OS X 10.5, so do have Quartz and have made some screensavers. But would primarily like to implement Jitter inside a screensaver instead.
My plan is to make a screensaver which does have video imaging with music capabilities when the iSight camera has detected body movement.

So how would i go about putting this type of patch into a screensaver. Would i have to use Quartz, which is not a problem, or would i have to do it some other way?

That was about it really…

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