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JSUI performance on 10.5.4

Aug 16 2008 | 12:55 am

Hello All!

I am not sure if it was an upgrade to 10.5.4, but that is the last thing I know I did before the current problem I am having.

The performance of my JSUI in a program I wrote has gone to complete crap. I have a jog dial on a MIDI interface that advances through a list of 2200+ music files in a JSUI. It shows 34 on the screen at a time and has some different bits of information that is shows as well.

Before 10.5.4 it worked great, scrolling through the list as fast as I could turn the dial would drop the frame rate from 40+ to maybe 35 at a minimum.

Now, it drops as low as 18 frames per second. However, even at 25 fps I am seeing freezes in the video. Going through my JSUI code, I verified it is from my draw() routine.

This is not a question of making it faster by disabling anti-aliasing or using the other hardware accelerated view methods. This is a question of what changed to cause my performance to degrade so much in the OS. Something in the core libraries must have changed.

To do a test, I am partitioning my hard drive into 2 parts and well put a fresh 10.5 install to see if that problem goes away.

I tested this in Max4 and Max5 and see the same issue in both locations. I also tested applications I compiled long ago and they too are showing the same issues.

Anyone else seeing a HUGE performance drop in their patches that use video and JSUI elements?


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