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Just a question about compilation of an object in c from percolate with xcode4

Apr 14 2011 | 9:17 am

I work on Mac Os Snowleopard with Xcode 4 so i have a little problem

I'm not sure how must i choose for Mach otype , what is a info.plist….

Here i make a sreen shot and thinking somebody coud explain clearly ho must I do

[attachment=159475,2072] [attachment=159475,2073] [attachment=159475,2074] [attachment=159475,2075]

  1. Capturedecran20110414a11.08.58.png


Apr 28 2011 | 4:01 pm

Looking at the error message, it seems as if you have instructed XCode to put the sysbuild/ directory directly inside your Users/ directory. I always lose count with paths including lots of ‘..’, but /Users/olivierbaudry/PeRColate_source/absmax~/../../../ (etc.) looks to be someplace where you may not have write permission.

You can either put create a new folder somewhere in your user path and move the project folder in there (so the new path to the sysbuild/ directory can be created) or edit the Target settings so that the sysbuild directory is somewhere that you can write to.

XCode’s error messages often suffer from information overload, but she *is* trying to tell you what the problem is.

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