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jweb object don't send url to output if link is internal to the page (with #id) (maxmsp 503)

Jul 08 2008 | 8:32 am


I’m doing:

Num 1

Num 2

Num 3

Num 4

Num 5

Num 6

It’s working, but completly invisible from jweb patch. No url is sent to the patch.

It could be very interesting to get internal url (#3 or #6 for example, or at least
/Users/kristof/test2.html#8) for making html interface in max (an internal link is a command send to
maxmsp, as the page content will not change).

Also, back/forward/get history commands are not working with the # links, they go to previous/next
file. history don’t see any inner link call.

In any web browser, # links are stored in history. back will go back to previous page, including
self page with # link.

Best regards

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