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latency problems for looping patch

Dec 26 2009 | 12:15 am

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a simple looping patch. It lets me do live looping with a delay line, sometimes along with a metronome and sometimes with a prerecorded sample (played back w/ buffer and groove).

Sometimes it seems to work fine. Other times the sounds I loop are totally off from the beat of the metronome/sample that I’m playing along too. Is this a latency problem? I’m making this patch for someone who doesn’t have a lot of equipment so I’m trying to make it work with a usb microphone and headphones plugged straight into the computer. Would this setup result in a ton of latency? Is there any way I can design the patch differently to account for this?

Thanks for any advice about this or suggestions about where to look/read. I appreciate any help.

Happy holidays!

Dec 29 2009 | 6:50 am

Thanks so much for the ideas raja. I appreciate it.

So, if I set it up differently and avoid metro (using signal rate objects instead), would that help?

Thanks for the settings advice, that’s good to know. Unfortunately this specific patch is going to be used by someone with Max runtime, which appears to have pretty limited menu options (Overdrive is the only one).

Any other advice? Is the fact that I’m using a usb mic and headphones (in the computer’s headphone jack) rather than a proper audio interface a problem?

I would love to find a way to make this work. Thanks again for the help.

Dec 29 2009 | 8:44 am

In Max runtime, you can use [adstatus] to set whatever dsp setting you want, or even provide the user with a copy of the DSP status patch.

If you’re working on mac, your audio hardware should do… but if you’re on windows you probably are on one of the worst possible setups – you should at least use the same interface for in/out, and the asio4all driver…


Dec 29 2009 | 6:44 pm

Thanks for the response.

That’s great to know you can use [adstatus] like that. Thanks.

Yeah the patch was working great on my mac. Unfortunately the other person I’m making it for is using windows. I was afraid it was a bad setup. So is the only hope to get a normal audio interface and do input and monitoring on that?

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