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Jul 03 2008 | 9:11 am

Dear Jitter folks,

I’m trying to capture the HD output of a jitter patch to a SONY FX7 camcorder, however the [getvocmodes] function will only report SD formats. Has anyone run across an HD component recently that will work for this?

I also see some posts for PCIe cards that apparently need to be routed back into the same machine (correct me if I’m wrong) and require a RAID set-up. I have two drive but no RAID.

I"m also wondering if anyone has heard of something that would attach directly to the output of the graphics card. I would think that if I’m getting exactly what I want off the graphics card to another monitor that there should be some way of capturing it.

I’m using MaxMSP 4.6.3 on a MacPro 10.4.11 standard RadeonX1900 grphics card).

Jul 06 2008 | 4:59 am

if you have access to final cut pro, it installs an HDV quicktime capture component, that lets QT apps speak to HDV camcorders, which would let you get I/O via HDV / FW to your camera.

if you want a component uncompressed analog signal out, in HD, your best bet is probably some sort of transcoder.

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