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Lax 2.1 Audio/Video looper

Jun 15 2009 | 9:35 am

Hi community,

I’m proud to annouce the release of Lax 2.1 an audio/video looper 100 % made with Max, MSP and Jitter.

The features are :
* Lax is working upon layers of audio/video. You can play with the two last.
* Three kind of video input : Live camera, video file, video on a network,
* Three kind of audio input : Microphone, audio file, audio from video file,
* Many kinds of video mixing : crossfade, chroma-keing, alpha blending, …
* 10 originals video effects (multiscreen, …),
* 10 « graphical » effects (distort, ghost effect, …),
* a sequencer of portion of the loop,
* variable speed control of the loop,
* Undo / Redo,
* Pause / Resume and Stop / Play of the loop,
* A timing control for master or slave synchro with any daw (mainly tested with Live) or any device that provides a midi synchro clock.
* a audio and video recorder,
* a video network sender,
* Lax can be triggered with a keyboard, any midi device, a arduino board, a wiimote,
* Presets of every parameters can be saved.
* Special functions.

You can find more info and a demo version at


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