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Live video and audio stream besides ji.broadcast and jit.qt.broadcast

Nov 16 2012 | 11:05 am


I’m working on a project where I want to stream live audio and video. I tried both the ji.broadcast and jit.qt.broadcast objects but the video and audio quality is poor. I used the Wowza Media Server but it doesn’t seem to register Max. Has anyone got any experience on live video and audio streaming from Max ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

thanks in advance

Nov 16 2012 | 11:35 am

I have been going through all the past forum threads that mention ji.broadcast and jit.qt.broadcast but I didn’t find any answers that’s why I’m re-posting in here.


Nov 16 2012 | 2:19 pm

Attached is a screenshot of a setup for FMLE broadcasting to mobile devices. Camtwist is used to grab the jit.window– you can set this for 'border 0'. We paid Mediaserve to serve the stream– not too pricey. If I recall you have to launch CamTwist before Max– also attched is screen for CamTwist. Use Desktop+, your jit.window should show up in the 'Screen' dropdown after you start Max. Hope this helps.

[attachment=208436,4649] [attachment=208436,4650]

  1. camtwistscreen.jpg


Nov 16 2012 | 9:10 pm

Thanks for the help. That’s exactly what I was looking for.

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