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loadbang msg for function object?

Dec 09 2009 | 6:55 pm

I want to loadbang a specific starting value for a couple of function objects so that they look a certain way when the patch opens. Here’s what I’d like them to look like… Can I loadbang this? Thanks!

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Dec 09 2009 | 7:05 pm

Time to get familiar with preset storage in Max. The preset object is an easy drop-in solution, pattrstorage a little more advanced (but more awesome).


Dec 09 2009 | 9:35 pm

1. Andrew is right that preset and pattrstorage give you all kinds of possibilities on loadbang.
2. But who needs ’em? You can loadbang all kinds of settings to function. (See patch below.)
3. But who needs that? function stores its previous settings anyway.
But if you want to ensure that function looks the same each time it’s opened, even if somebody makes changes to it and saves the changes, you can use option 1 or 2.

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Dec 10 2009 | 12:45 am

Thanks! Yeah I realize that function save its settings, which is great (and I don’t see why other objects don’t do that too…). I think I’m gonna try doing some presets. Thanks again.

Dec 10 2009 | 2:29 am

Note that if you use [pattr] with function, in order for the interpolation to work correctly, you need the same number of points in each of the storage slots that you’re interpolating between. If you don’t, the results are….well, interesting. try it out. what else can we expect it to do if the list lengths are different? :)

The same is true when using pattr with any objects (?) that store lists of variable lengths, like multislider. If you have a list object (or even a "multi-track" list object like matrixctrl) whose dimensions don’t change, pattr is a great option because it gives you that ability to morph between settings, plus it can store object attributes that preset can’t. That said, preset can be stored with the patch (no need for an external file) and it’s a bit quicker to set up.

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