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Loading some 50 videos in as many jit.qt.movies

May 26 2013 | 3:10 pm

I’m trying to prepare a video editing patch for a live projection. I have some 50 videos ranging from 3 to 15 seconds. I created as many jit.qt.movies to load them all up, I made sure that their autostart value (in the inspector) is set as 0 so they dont start playing unless requested.

As soon as I hit the bang to read all my videos, my CPU goes to 225% and Max slows down like crazy.

Am I just asking too much? Is there a way to make this efficiently? I don’t need all of them to play at the same time, I just need them available to be played on the spot, at the stroke of a key.

Any suggestion would be welcome. Thanks!

May 26 2013 | 8:48 pm

Have a look at Poly~ForMovies in the Max Examples Folder…

May 26 2013 | 9:29 pm

I can’t seem to find that folder, where is it located on a Mac? Also, I’m using Max5, if that changes anything. Thanks, I’ll keep looking in the meantime.

Edit: found it! I’ll check it out :)

May 27 2013 | 1:57 pm

So the poly~ object works, the example is useful, but I cannot grasp how to switch the output, how do I choose from what instance I want the feed? I just get the first one. I can’t really make sens of the example in that regards. Thanks if you can help.

EDIT: these are the patches I use, if it helps anyone to help me

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