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Logic not syncing to Max ?

Feb 26 2009 | 9:41 am

I am using Logic Express 8.0.2 and MaxMSP 4.6 on Intel 2.4 GB Macbook Pro. For some reason, my Logic doesn’t see midi clock sent from Max. I set max to send MTC to midiout port (from MAX/MSP1) and I set in logic’s project settings-syncronization – sync mode -MTC (I tried "manual"as well ) and -auto enable external sync . And I see the blue line indicating that Logic is in the external sync mode, but it doesn’t react on Max start/stop commands. My reason syncs nicely and Logic Express 7 used to automatically sync up to max, but not Logc 8. Does anyone have a problem like this too? What am i missing here?

Feb 26 2009 | 4:04 pm

my experience is that Logic doesn’t like slaving period. 8 even less than 7. Why not give in to jobism and let Logic be midi clock master?

Feb 26 2009 | 10:22 pm

The thing is that i do need to ran Max as master, cause it is syncing all my groove~ objects and then generates midiclock to play midi material in sync to audio and sync other apps like reason.If i try to do max as slave, the timing is not stable enough to sync audio loops in max to midi clock sent from external source. I am thinking, since i compose a lot in Logic, but perform with max, i do need logic syncing to max. I have to figure out now how to convert standart midiclock messages to SMPTE , which, according to manual, Logic supposed to sync to. Anyone knows how to?

Feb 27 2009 | 12:06 am

The problem is that SMPTE or MTC has no notion of tempo, time signature or control messages. It’s basically just linear timecode.

In MIDI beat clock (MBC), the basic unit is a fraction of a BEAT, not a unit of time.

Logic 8’s new inability to sync to MBC (as opposed to MTC) is a real problem for me. You can send tapedeck-style MMC commands for start/stop and it will honour those, but bar/beat position (ie simple looping and tempo changes)? Forget about it.

Can it sync to my 1989-era drum machine? No. Can other sequencers? Yes. How sucky is that, Apple?

At least in Logic 7 it sorta worked. While the other improvements in Logic 8 are actually pretty nice, its twitchiness around MIDI/Audio sync errors and lack of MBC sync are what will drive me away from it, into the waiting arms of Live.

Phew. End rant…

Feb 27 2009 | 4:10 pm

Well , it’s a really sad news that Logic 8 is no longer supporting external midi clock sync. What about Logic Pro? Or, maybe i have to switch to Live as well, does it sync to external midi clock ? I really like to keep Max as master in my setup.

Feb 27 2009 | 8:22 pm


When Logic8 was released and the environment turned out to be in worse shape than in L7 i bought Max.

Live is indeed looking very interesting.

Too bad my Logic license is worthless nowadays.

Apr 22 2009 | 10:50 pm

As a new Max user I’m wondering if Max can run as MTC master/slave?

In my experience timing with MTC is in general more accurate than MIDI clock.

Aug 04 2010 | 5:21 pm

MTC does not submit tempo information, Logic will run freewheeling after receiving a start command only.

A possible workaround might be to convert incoming midi clock in max to a format, that sends out Logic tap commands (receivable in Logic as CC) in beat intervals (1/4).

Is there a max patch, which does that already?

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