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Sep 15 2010 | 10:40 am

Hi gang,

Figured I might as well post this here too. Only fair to do after the help I got here with an odd looking regexp (at least odd looking to me, can't rule out it was a lack of sleep) ;-)

Alas… I know there is an api.explorer, I tried it a few times as well but never grew to like it. The floating window sometimes went haywire on my system; and I didn't fancy calling functions by clicking on them.

SO I setup the patch attached. The LOM.Navigator; its a M4L device which simply sits in Live and allows you to browse, get properties and call functions. I think it speaks for itself, if not let me know.

Its still a beta (v0.9) and that's because of the control_surfaces. I know its a list root_object, but I tried this approach at first to see what would happen. That's gonna get fixed later this week.

I attached the stuff, you can get the latest version here from my website.

Oh; and if you do find any bugs (very well possible, I did test but in the end you risk assuming/overlooking stuff) I'd be grateful if you'd pass 'm on to me.

Have fun!


  1. LOMNavigator.rar
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