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LoMus 2010

Feb 05 2010 | 11:03 am

LoMus 2010

À la recherche des logiciels libres pour la création sonore et intermedia

Pour sa troisième édition, LoMus 2010 s’adresse à tous ceux qui s’aventurent dans le développement de logiciels libres musicaux ou de logiciels libres qui peuvent contribuer au processus de la création musicale.

En regard d’un des 2 thèmes mis en avant lors de cette édition des JIMs : "L’oeuvre musicale face à l’hétérogène : problématique de la mixité", le concours LoMus encourage plus particulièrement les contributions intégrant ou s’hybridant avec d’autres médias. Ce thème n’est cependant pas restrictif.

Un prix sera remis aux logiciels qui font preuve non seulement d’innovation, mais notamment d’inventivité face aux enjeux actuels de la création musicale.


Appel à soumissions : 4 février 2010

Soumission des logiciels : 1 avril 2010

Notification d’acceptation : 1 mai 2010

Remise du prix lors des JIM : 20 mai 2010

info :

In search of open-source software for musical and intermedia creation

For its third edition, LoMus 2010 invites music and audio open-source software creators to submit original projects that either directly or indirectly contribute to musical creation.

In regard to one of the 2 themes for JIM’s edition : "The musical work and heterogeneity: the problem of mixity", the LoMus contest will particularly encourage sonic/musical softwares integrating or hibridizing with other media. Though, this theme is not restrictive.

A prize will be awarded to open-source sofware that prove to be not only innovatory but also inventive in the present context of music and audio creation.


Call for submissions : February 4th 2010

Submission deadline : April 1st 2010

Admission notification : May 1st 2010

JIM Awards Ceremony : May 20th 2010

info :

JIM2010 :

Feb 05 2010 | 11:41 am

"Un prix sera remis aux logiciels qui font preuve non seulement d’innovation, mais notamment d’inventivité face aux enjeux actuels de la création musicale."

Quels enjeux? Alors que la création musicale manque sérieusement de créativité!
I do not understand the French cerebrality :-)

Feb 05 2010 | 9:30 pm

I noticed that, too. Not to mention posting something about a festival based around open source here. Aren’t people who make non-open source software the spawn of demons in the Open Source world? :-)

Feb 08 2010 | 1:28 pm

A lot of Max patches as such are open source, maybe that is accepted… To a certain extend you can translate max patches to Pd…

More strange is the closing date in comparison to the date of the post. Maybe that’s intentional to give Pd programmers a competitive chance…;-)

Aber Spass beiseite, Thierry has contributed some of the most interesting projects to the scene, easily connectible to Max via OSC. Maybe its more interesting to watch the output of that competition than actually participating…


Feb 08 2010 | 5:27 pm


The closing date is April 1st 2010, so it seems to me that it’s an acceptable time to answer for everybody.

I am in charge with AFIM of the organisation of the Lomus competition and president of the jury for the prizes.

We accept the Max Patches if all the objects and librairies are open source.


Feb 09 2010 | 9:55 am

My bad I read 1st February I have no idea why (probably not enough sleep…;-)
And very good to know that Max patches are acceptable. This often isn’t clear, though in the open source scene nobody complains if you compile your code with a closed source compiler…

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