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Looking for Collaborators for Haiku project

Jul 19 2010 | 10:58 pm

For the past few weeks I have been video taping various people from all walks of life reciting a 5 syllable sentence then a 7 syllable sentence. I’m looking for a collaborator who is skilled in max/msp to write a code for me, (i would it it myself but I am just learning max/msp and I would like to get this project into some galleries fairly soon.

What i need
a max/msp/jitter program that will store all videos of people reciting 5 syllable sentence and the same for 7 syllable sentences.
The program needs to be interactive an have the user push a button or some kind of action to start the videos (if you can think of something more creative then pushing a button then that’s even better!)
Once the user has started the program it should play a 5 syllable video, then a 7, then a 5 again then stop. Each video needs to be selected at random.

The idea is that from the content of each video each time the program is initiated it will form a new Haiku at random without repeating itself.

I can’t pay you at the moment, but I am applying for grants to get a mac mini as well as a monitor to play it on so I don’t have leave my own equipment at a gallery. If i get any grant money you will get a portion for your work.

If you decided to get involved with this project, regardless if i receive any grant money you will receive a notarized certificate acknowledging your involvement in the project along with any/all documentation of it.

Meaning if it is accepted into any exhibits you will be credited for your part of the project, I will send you copies of any documentation or advertisements of the event.

Basically I think this is a good opportunity to use the world wide web to get involved and collaborate with other artist you wouldn’t normally collaborate with and get your work shown in areas unfamiliar with this type of media.

I live in maine which is fairly conservative traditional in it’s arts so I think something like this that is interactive and uncommon would really appeal to people, or at least get them talking.

if you think this sounds like an interesting opportunity and would like to contact me directly email me at

Jul 21 2010 | 3:23 pm

I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming number of people who responded with interest to this project. I’ve given detail to 3 other collaborators. I will either use 1 code to use or use all 3 interchangeably depending on how it performs and venue. The creator of the code being used will always get credit. The point is I am no longer looking for collaborators but if think you would like to build something like this anyway for your own use I would be happy to send you my video content once it is complete so long as I am being credited for my part and I would like to know what my work is being used for.

For those who I didn’t get a chance to work with this time please keep me in mind if you have your own ideas and would like someone to collaborate with. I work mainly in film and digital art, just keep that in mind

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