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Loopsync (Max 6 version)

Sep 10 2013 | 9:34 pm

Interactive music and video standalone platform for Mac, revised and updated in Max 6.1., demo version (recording disabled) now downloadable for free. PDF user’s manual included in the folder. Improvements include automatic module access through load messages, automatic DSP status display, better granulation reset control, improved time triggering among others. Wait seven seconds after label window has been loaded for main patch to load (although might take longer with lower memory). As a default the ADC is switched on when main patch is loaded. Contact Carl Winter at for record-enabled version.


-built-in pitch tracking with tuning adjustment

-15 instrument sampler library, 3 octave range, stereo pitch shifting.

-24 sound file loadable sampler

-video with variable rate and reverse mode, syncs up with granulator/looper, sequencer loops

-granulator/looper with fixed sweep filters and random time selection

-Sequencers, three table sizes.  Can control built-in samplers and external sound banks.  Has real-time pitch input.

-cumulative sampler/midi looper

-diatonic and chromatic inversion, sampler/external sound bank responses

-diatonic and bitonal harmonization of live signal, samplers, external sound banks

-random generator using real-time pitch input.

-pitch and time-based triggering.

-amplitude crescendo/decrescendo matrix

-stereo FM synth with adjustable sweep filters

-effects:  ring modulation, adjustable stereo filters, echo delay, harmonization, pitch shifting, distortion

-midi performance transcriber/sequencer

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Sep 23 2013 | 3:16 pm

Here’s an updated link Updates include a score-following canonic harmonizer module and a score-following event trigger module.

Oct 07 2013 | 5:31 pm

Here’s another updated link (bug fix in the main patcher)

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